Am I a Mandated Reporter?


Anyone in our community who suspects that a child is being abused or neglected can call the Hotline and report his or her concerns. In addition, some individuals are mandated by state law to report. Mandated reporters are professionals who work with our children on a regular basis and are in a good position to notice injuries, changes in behaviors, and other indicators that may be early signs of child abuse or neglect.

If you are one of these mandated reporters, you are required by New York State law to call the Hotline if you have a reasonable suspicion that child abuse or neglect may have occurred. You may, however, be uncertain about the state law and what it means for you. You may have fears about your confidentiality and concerns about how your report will affect a family. You may not know about your legal protections, or about the consequences if you don’t report. Click on the sidebar questions to find out what it means to be a mandated reporter.