Checklist of Possible Indicators of Abuse and Neglect

Fear of
going home
  • Child says he is afraid to go home because of fear of corporal punishment by parent
Reports injury
by parents
  • Reports frequent injury from corporal punishment by parent
  • Often blames self (e.g., “I was bad, so I was punished”)
Wearing clothing
to season
  • Child may wear long sleeves in summer or other clothing inappropriate for the season to hide physical indicators of abuse
Exhibits extremes
of a variety
of behaviors
  • Unusually aggressive or withdrawn from peers
  • Apprehensive when other children cry
  • Hostile to parents, adults, and others
  • Wary of contacts with parents or other adults
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Over or under-reacting to adult anger
Habit disorders
  • Self-injurious behaviors (such as eating disorders)
  • Psychoneurotic reactions (such as obsessive-compulsive, phobic or hypochondriacal behaviors )
Runaway attempts
  •  Child runs away from home
Suicide attempts
  •  Child threatens or attempts suicide