How Do I Find Out What Happened?

Most mandated reporters would like to know what happened as a result of their call. You care about the child and the family, so you want to know the progress of CPS’ investigation and the results of the report you made.

You will know about some of the things that happen after you call in the report because CPS will attempt to contact you during the initial investigation. CPS may ask you for more information or may share new information with you to help them determine whether abuse or neglect has occurred. Also, when their investigation is completed, you will receive a letter from CPS, explaining whether or not the report was indicated (evidence of child abuse or neglect was found).

In most cases, however, CPS cannot tell you about the specifics in the family’s service plan because a parent’s right to privacy is protected by the same state law that protects your confidentiality when you call.

Even though you can’t know the specifics, you can be confident that the CPS Response required by State Law will take place. Actions will be taken to address the immediate danger to the child, investigate the report for actual evidence of abuse or neglect, and provide a plan to reduce the chances of further abuse or neglect.