What Can Happen to Me if I Do Report?

Some mandated reporters don’t call the Child Abuse Hotline to report cases of suspected abuse or neglect because they are afraid that something bad could happen to them after they report.

Just as New York State law mandates that you must report cases of suspected abuse, the law also protects mandated reporters from civil liability when you do report.

Anyone who reports child abuse or neglect is presumed to be acting in good faith, and thus is protected from civil liability. Good faith means that the mandated reporter is acting in the discharge of their duties and within the scope of their employment and isn’t engaging in any willful misconduct or gross negligence.

In rare cases, a mandated reporter is called to testify if the child protection report results in a court hearing. Should an investigation lead to a trial and your testimony is required, an attorney for Child Protective Services will make sure that you are prepared.